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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to become the leading company in providing high quality tour packages for local and foreign tourist and the number one car rental services provider in the whole Sabah region. We want to achieve this not just by providing exceptional products and services but also by empowering our organisation with highly motivated ground personnel with extensive experience, dedication, commitment and excellent communication skills.

To achieve this goal, we have identified the key result area that we will


emphasise on, which can be seen in the simple illustration chart below.

Customer Service is the number one priority in our business since we are a service provider and our products are service oriented in nature. Doing things right at the first time is the key to excellent customer service.

A proper Risk Management system will reduce the potential of incurring unnecessary additional cost. Constantly assessing the risky nature of our business will help us to create an effective preventive measure that can even help to lower the cost of operation and generate more revenues.

In order for us to grow the revenues that we generate will be invested to our products and services development. Thus will include new assets investment and other relevant facilities. However the most important of all is investing on our human resources development. By developing our human resources skills and knowledge we will have a strong team that is efficient and effective.

We believe by maintaining this business strategy we will be able to provide total satisfaction to our customers which is our number one priority. This total customers satisfaction is the ticket to achieve our vision.


Our Mission is to provide a high quality professional services with satisfaction guaranteed on all our tour packages arrangement and also our car rental services. The key result area for this element are as follows.

  1.  The transport fetching tourists upon arrival will be at the airport 15 minutes before the flight scheduled to arrive.
  2.  The transport sending tourists to the airport will be at the hotel or places of stay 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  3.  Ticket reconfirmation or rescheduling will be arranged one day prior to departure.
  4.  A comfortable transportations vehicle and a professional, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides will be provided for the tourists at all tour destination through out Sabah.
  5.  Car rented to tourists are that of comfortable and in excellent running conditions.

Clients Testimonial

KK Leisure Tour & Rent A Car is highly recommended should you need to rent a car when you are in Sabah, Malaysia. The condition of the car provided are superb, clean and no funny smell. The staffs also provide remarkable service in assisting to my need. Thanks guys. I sure will see you all when I go to Sabah in the Future.

Oliver Walton

Thank you very much for the arrangement of the tour.

Your tourist guide, Miss Asna and the driver, Mr. Jeremy were very nice hosts. Especially Miss Asna seems to have deep knowledge of the wildlife of Borneo,telling us a lot of interesting details of the animals� lives.

I, my wife and my daughter were positively impressed. When we come back to Kota Kinabalu, We�ll definitely call your company again.

Radu Gosav