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About Sabah




Sabah is situated on the Borneo Island, which is the 3rd largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. The Borneo Island itself divided and rule by three ruling independent country which is Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Sabah is one of the thirteen states of Malaysia and in term of size Sabah is the 2nd biggest state after Pahang.


Since the equatorial line run right across the middle of the Borneo Island thus make Sabah a tropical island paradise. The climate of Sabah is basically characterised by two monsoon seasons. The northeast monsoon (November to March) is the coolest of the two monsoons and sees less rain. The southwest monsoon (May to September) is much warmer and wetter. There are two inter-monsoon periods (April and October); April is the regarded as the hottest month whilst October is the wettest month of the year when Kota Kinabalu gets more than 350mm of rainfall. In general, Kota Kinabalu weather is hot and wet all year round. December 2014 and early January 2015 was the worse ever flood disaster history in Malaysia, however the devastation and damage in Sabah is very minimal. That’s one of the reason why Sabah is known as land below the wind, because of her strategic geographical position that put her in the safest strategic location amidst the south pacific ring of fire and the South East Asian typhoon highway.

Throughout the year the average high stands temperature in Sabah is around 30 °C while the low hardly falls below 22 °C. January and February are considered as the coldest months of the year when temperature drops at 20 °C. Although temperature hardly changes from season to season tourists from all over the world prefer the dry period to the rest of the one.

However do bear in mind , Mt. Kinabalu has its own unique climate and as you ascend the majestic mountain the temperatures can drop to freezing point at the height of 3500 meters above sea level.


Malay language is the most common locally spoken language and its also the official language. There are also hundreds of local languages and dialects of the native people that use widely among the native. You can heard them as you walk across the city boardwalk and its became more distinctive as you prolong your stay in Sabah. Its an amazing feat indeed that Sabah people can live in harmony within such diversity.

However you not need to worry because English is the second language in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole. Almost everyone speaks some English. The most important for you to keep in mind is that should you have encounter any problem during your visit just stop someone and ask. We assure you that our hospitality and friendliness towards visitor will not failed you.


The currency used in Malaysia is Malaysian Ringgit. The currency code is MYR and the currency symbol is RM. You can change your currency at the local money chager kiosk at the airport as you arrive or you can go to any major shopping malls in town which always have money changer business operator outlet available. Even the hotels provide money exchange services however they might imposed some fees for such service. We suggest you plan your budget well and exchange to the right currency through able body that is reliable and can give your better rates.


VISA, MasterCard, American Express and all major credit cards are accepted in almost all departmental stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants. Since Malaysia will be implementing GST starting 1st April 2015 there might be and additional fees increment for payment made using credit.


Electricity is on the 240 Volts AC / 50-Cycle system; treated pipe water is available in most urban and sub-urban areas. 90% of Sabah are covered with 24 hrs. electricity facilities and clean tap water.


You can set your existing hand phone to a roaming mood while you stay in Sabah. Mobile telecommunications coverage services covers all major town around Sabah except for some very remote areas. We also have public phones for you to use but its very scarce nowadays due to the booming mobile telecommunication industry almost everybody own personal hand phone/hand phones.


Malaysia is an Islamic country and the official religion is Sunni Islam. However tolerance and practice in the freedom of worship is highly regarded by the people and the government. In Sabah the population divide accordingly by major religious practice is 29% Christianity, 26% Muslim and 17%   Buddhism-Taoism. While the rest of the population mainly of the native ethnicity still practise ancestral worshipping and old beliefs of paganism culture.


Standard Malaysian Time is 8 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+8)


Monday to Friday is the full day working time from 8am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm; whilst Saturday half day work from 8am – 1pm


Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm


Shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants and mini markets are generally open daily from 10am to 10pm. The food and beverages vendor whether from the exclusive restaurants up to the street hawker stall at the open air night market , the range and varieties of delicacies they offer will absolutely amaze you. .The foods are abundance and do not confuse when you offered Sabah style fusion food because the foods itself is a fusion of Sabah own local food culture that centred within its large ethnics group.


Should you encounter medical issues the government hospitals, clinics and dispensaries along with private medical practitioner clinics are available in all towns. The hotel management that provide your accommodation will always be happy to assist you should you need medical treatment. However, in cases where you are on some specific medication please make sure you bring along enough supplies to cover for the period of time that u intended to stay.


Sabah is probably among one of the safest places on earth. The crime rate is low, you still might have the opportunity to encounter some dangerous animals in the depth of its rain forest jungle however the chances are very slim. There is now outbreak of contagious diseases so the general health is good. And as the land below the land below the wind Sabah is far from harms way of volcanic eruption, major earthquake and tropical typhoon or cyclones

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KK Leisure Tour & Rent A Car is highly recommended should you need to rent a car when you are in Sabah, Malaysia. The condition of the car provided are superb, clean and no funny smell. The staffs also provide remarkable service in assisting to my need. Thanks guys. I sure will see you all when I go to Sabah in the Future.

Oliver Walton

Thank you very much for the arrangement of the tour.

Your tourist guide, Miss Asna and the driver, Mr. Jeremy were very nice hosts. Especially Miss Asna seems to have deep knowledge of the wildlife of Borneo,telling us a lot of interesting details of the animals� lives.

I, my wife and my daughter were positively impressed. When we come back to Kota Kinabalu, We�ll definitely call your company again.

Radu Gosav